3 May 2013

Taking telephone calls is one of the things that adds a bit of spice into the life of a head teacher.  You never really know how they are going to go. 

Whilst dropping something off in the office yesterday, Mrs Allan turned to me, ‘phone in hand, saying words to the effect of, “Mr Dempster’s on the ‘phone and wants to speak to you”.  In that millisecond various scenarios flew through my mind – mostly involving images of car malfunction or accidents or long delays on motorways.  Usually I am a glass-half-full kind of gal, but when you have two staff and eight pupils travelling to Redditch (having left at 3am), it pays to be cautious.

However, you can imagine my delight when Mr Dempster announced to me that not only had the team of pupils been awarded “Best Picture and Sound” for their short film “Lacey’s Story” (a film tackling the subject of Teenage Cancer), but they had, for the second year running, been awarded the UK “Grand Prix”.  The screaming that could be heard in the background was, thankfully, excited and jubilant. I spoke to most of the pupils, but really was only able to determine their sense of joy and pride, rather than any great detail.  What I do know is that they will be invited to the international awards’ ceremony (but I don’t know where that is yet). 
I can only reiterate what I said to them, which is how proud I am of all of them; how much I admire their dedication and hard work; and that I am looking forward to hearing all about their experience.  Huge thanks must also go to Mr Dempster, Mr Bristow and Ms Duff for all their help and support in getting the pupils to where they are.

You can find out more about the Panasonic Kid Witness News Project and see the pupils’ film here.

Please remember that school is closed to pupils on Monday 6th May and everyone resumes on the 7th.  There are no exams on the 6th May.

Have a grand weekend.