After a very successful session last year, the Pupil Leadership Team is looking to put together a new Pupil Council for this year. We feel it is really important that the pupil voice is not only heard, but acted upon, and being part of the pupil council is the easiest way to make real change. 

Being a member would involve representing your year by:

  • Attending monthly meetings
  • Listening to and sharing your year group’s opinions, ideas and concerns
  • Discussing suggestions to improve the school
  • Working with others in the council to make changes for the better

The meetings will be held during class time (which the office is aware of so you won’t be marked as absent), however you would be expected to contribute as much as you could.

If you would be interested in joining (or rejoining again), please collect a sheet from your regi teacher or drop us an email at with the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your class eg. 2T2
  • Your school email address
  • Why you would like to join the pupil council

Please submit your forms or emails by the 20 September 2023.