Celebrating winning the Panasonic KWN 2013 Awards for "Best Picture and Sound" and the "UK Grand Prix" for Lacey's Story, a short documentary about Teenage Cancer.

The following is a press release written by Chloe Craig giving a summary of the KWN experience.


Kid Witness News is a Global Competition run by Panasonic. KWN is designed to create an opportunity for school pupils around the world to create a short five-minute film about a topic under the themes of either communication or ecology.

Knox Academy has taken part in KWN for three years now. This year eight pupils in third year; Olivia Christie, Chloe Craig, Harriet Lomholt-Welch, Isla Macdonald, Charlotte Riddell, Ben Scott, Charlotte Smith and Megan Sproul, took part in the competition. We chose the theme of communication and decided to focus the documentary on teenage cancer.

The team wanted a challenge. We wanted a subject that we all felt strongly and passionately about that affected today’s society. Teenage Cancer is an issue that we felt we could relate to as it affects people in our age group. We know what its like to be a teenager, so we felt that we understood what it would be like to have that taken away from you.

The experience has taught us so much. It has brought everyone closer together by working  with each other for the competition. We have realised the importance of compromising, as we didn't always agree on everything.  No arguments occurred as such but discussions did often become more like debates. We were faced with a short time scale and had to learn quickly how to plan and organise our time. We learned the basics of the technical side behind film production including angles of the camera and editing. Our skills developed and roles within in the team were established. From learning about the camera and how it is used to portray different angles, we all subconsciously started to realise why the directors of cinematic film had used those particular shots.


“KWN has brought us closer as friends and has taught us many valuable lessons.
All our hard work on the film has definitely been worth it.” O.C


"KWN has helped me gain many skills that I never thought I would be able to achieve, I'm glad that I was a part of this amazing journey and it wouldn't have been the same without my excellent team mates." I.M.


After submitting our film in February and finding out the Awards Ceremony was on Thursday 2 May we decided to relax. The date started drawing closer and we had to plan how we would get down to the ceremony in Redditch. We had to plan which method of transport we were going to use. After some research we decided that we would travel to Redditch in two cars on the Thursday, stay in accommodation overnight and drive back the Friday. This was possible with the assistance of East Lothian Educational Trust.

The journey to Redditch began at Knox Academy at 3 am on Thursday, an early start for everyone. It was a long drive, even with the few stops we had, but we got there eventually.


"Had an amazing past few days, which we all got along so well and had an incredible time
full off lots of laughs and a good car journey. So much fun!" H.L-W.


The Award Ceremony began with a screening of all the competitors’ films that had been submitted in the UK. We were then split into groups of six to take part in an activity called “The Learning Journey”. We were mixed in with other schools and given a camera. We were told to film our thoughts and feelings about what we had learned and done during the competition. There was a buffet supplied for lunch. We were all hungry and ate a lot! The Awards were given out in the afternoon. There were six awards in total. We were awarded ”Best Picture and Sound”. We were all so happy. We received our trophy and certificate on stage and smiled for the camera. The Awards Ceremony continued on. Then it came to the final award, The UK Grand Prix. Everyone could feel the suspense in the room. When they said Knox Academy we were overwhelmed with joy. All of our hard work had paid off. Not only had we won “Best Picture and Sound”, but the UK Grand Prix” as well. It was a double celebration! 


"The last couple of days have been great, we have all really bonded and it has been an amazing experience.
I have learnt the importance of team work and friendship. So proud of everyone!" C.R.


After another photo-shoot at the venue of the Awards Ceremony, we went and found the accommodation we were staying in. We freshened up and went out for a victory meal. The ten of us all sat round the table as a family and tucked into a delicious dinner at Meadow Farm Restaurant.


"Had an incredible two days and still on a high.
I loved the feel of the teamwork and
 watching all the other videos." C.S.


"Really enjoyed the last few days, it was worth the journey. I'm so proud of us
all for winning and it was great teamwork! It was a great experience." M.S


After further celebrations, and a well deserved good night’s sleep, our journey home began with a filling breakfast in the local Sainsburys. The journey back felt longer, but was just as good as the journey down to Redditch. The drive was well worth it.


"KWN is honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I have become so much closer to all the team mates. KWN has introduced me to an industry that I love. I am so happy with how our film turned out and I wouldn't change a thing. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the amazing team members and teachers. Thank you for everything!" B.S.


"KWN has taught me a lot. It's brought me closer to people that I know I will be friends with for a long time. We worked so hard on the film and I'm incredibly proud of us for receiving two awards
and look forward to the future." C.C .


We all look forward to hearing about the next stage of the competition after winning the UK Grand Prix.


Chloe Craig on behalf of the KWN 2013 Crew


This Press Release can also be downloaded here.

Further information can be found on the KWN section of this website and our Head Teacher's Update for 3 May 2013.