Continuing from last years success (click here) our new, and equally wonderful, KWN Team have achieved yet more success this afternoon at the UK Awards' Ceremony in Redditch.

The team were awarded, "Best Picture and Sound" and "The UK Grand Prix".  This is the second year in a row for the Grand Prix.

Congratulations to everyone involved - the pupils: Olivia Christie, Chloe Craig, Harriet Lomholt-Welch, Isla Macdonald, Charlotte Riddell, Ben Scott, Charlotte Smith and Megan Sproul. To the staff: Colin Dempster, Jenny Duff, Peter Bristow, Gillian Wilson and Sharon Sheridan (Teenage Cancer Trust).

More details will follow soon but here is the successful video for all to enjoy.

Website email readers can access the documentary film in the KWN area of the school website - here.