We would like to invite our parents/carers along to our Home Learning Evening on Tuesday 6 March 2018 in the school assembly hall. This is open to parents/carers of pupils in all year groups and will focus on the launch of our new Home Learning Policy and also give you some information on our new digital communication platform for home learning activities known as Show My Homework. The programme for the evening is below.

6.30pm – Welcome from the Head Teacher

6.35pm – Presentation from Mrs Falconer (DHT) - Our new Home Learning Policy

6.45pm - Presentation from Mrs Falconer (DHT) – Show My Homework, a new resource to support home learning.

7pm – Five 10 minute workshops on supporting Home Learning. The workshops will focus on the following;

  • What do is needed to complete good quality learning at home and how parents can provide the appropriate support? (Led by Anya Reynolds)
  • How to complete effective research (Led by Angela Leggatt)
  • Strategies to support reading at home. (Led by Emma Reynolds)
  • Types of home learning we do, what to expect at different ages/stages. (Led by Calum Blair and the Pupil Learning Team)
  • Effective Revision (Led by Dot Ferguson)

7.50pm – Closing Remarks – Head Teacher

We do hope you are able to attend and that you will find the evening informative and helpful.  To this end, we would be grateful if you could use the link to register your interest in attending and help with our planning. Please complete this by Friday 2 March 2018 and note that we are limited to 2 people attending per family, due to limited space in the hall. Pupils are welcome to attend.

Caroline Falconer
Depute Head Teacher