Just before the Christmas break, we were working really hard on our enterprise projects and managed to generate profits of £320 across all of our classes.  This week, our amazing pupils agreed unanimously to donate every penny of that the the Ukraine relief fund being coordinated and promoted by the Edinburgh Ukrainian Club.  This was money that they were going to re-invest and then use to fund some nice treats and trips so it is such a self-less thing for them to do.  To put this into context, £70 will buy  a food and hygiene pack for a family for a month.  These young people have done A LOT of good and I have genuinely never been so proud!  

At Meadowpark and Knox, we are also going to be collecting items to send to help the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are in desperate need of help.  If anyone would like to send in any items, we can store and get those items to the various collection points.  The types of items that are being requested are:  Sleeping bags / blankets, camping mats, tinned food, dried food, cat and dog food, Oxo cubes, Tea, Coffee, chocolate / energy bars, Nappies and wipes, Toiletries, sanitary products and first aid supplies.  Please feel free to send in items with your child if you are able to and we will do the rest.

It feels a little odd to be celebrating anything with the deeply sad and distressing news that is going on around us but we did "celebrate" World Book Day this week.  We have had a number of activities going on to promote the love of literature and books including our Reading Tree, doors decorated as book covers and a read-a-thon to name just a few.  I chose Mr Grumpy for my door - proving that my GCSE Art grade E was very unfair, but alas I was not the winner.  I suspect positive discrimination but I'm not bitter...

Congratulations to: Clyde class in 3rd place for their James and the Giant Peach door.  2nd place was Esk and How to Train a Dragon. The winners were Tyne class for their Dr Who Tardis door.  Amazing efforts were made by all classes though and the doors look brilliant!