A few weeks ago at Meadowpark, we launched our Meadowpark enterprise projects.    This essentially involved me having to get my hands in my pocket and and give each class some money from which they would develop their enterprise business.   Since then, each class has been using their enterprise lesson to learn about business and to produce items to sell.  We are going to be holding a Covid safe "Christmas Fair" before the end of term where people can order some of the amazing things that classes have been producing.  For example, Esk class have been making Gonks, which are those super cute Scandanavian bearded gnomes that have become really popular.  We also have Leven class making 2022 calendars and Clyde class are making Christmas decorations etc.  More info to follow on this.

Today has been a non uniform day with proceeds going to Children in Need.  Thanks to everyone who supported this and I'm very happy to be able to send £24 to them!

Lots of classes have been continuing their work around Armistice Day and finding out about WWI.  Some classes visited the memorial to pay their respects and have also produced some amazing artwork.

It's been lovely this term to be able to start doing some things that we've really missed over the lock downs.  On Thursdays, we are able to visit the swimming pool at the Aubigny centre and all of the young people have been fantastic here.  They've demonstrated their independence and mature attitudes and supported each other brilliantly.  Other groups have been demonstrating the same during their visits to Aubigny gym.