A few reminders from the Eco-Committee!

1. We're still collecting empty make-up packaging! There's still plenty of space left in our Terracycle Zero Waste box. We'll accept lip balm/gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye liner pencils, eye liner cases, eye shadow containers and palettes, concealer tubes, foundation tubes, and lotion tubes. Please bring them to Miss Laudi's class when you have them!

2. We're still looking for donations of clean and empty spray bottles from household cleaners. If you finish any window sprays or all-surface cleaners, please rinse the spray bottles out and bring them in to Miss Laudi's class. Please include the spray nozzle - we need this too!

3. We're also collecting empty spray bottles from body sprays. The lid MUST be removable and we want the spray nozzle included. Again, bring them in to Miss Laudi's class!

Thank you for the donations so far!