There are 6 Italian Explorers who have not registered their raffle tickets - please do so this week!  There are also a few outstanding payments (recent payment date was Wednesday 24 January) - as indicated at the start of the process, if there are difficulties at any point please contact us in advance so that arrangements can be put in place and/or support provided as required.

By the end of this week (Friday 2 February 2018) you should have returned the following documentation:

  • Consent Form (some had missed out elements)
  • Code of Conduct (some new Explorers were recently issued with this)
  • Collective Passport Form
  • 3 x Passport Approved Photographs
  • An idea of rooming wishes - use the form provided - speak with Mrs Ball if required

We will be holding a meeting before the February Break - watch out for further information.  It is vital that all documentation is returned on time to avoid delays to the whole team of Italian Explorers.