Thank you to those of you who have been making regular payments for the S3 PGL Trip 2024. This message is to give you a reminder of all of the payment deadlines :

Payment schedules will run between the following dates : 

30/06/23 (£30), 31/08/23 (£36), 30/08/23 (£36), 31/10/23 (£33), 30/11/23 (£33), 

31/01/24 (£33), 29/02/24 (£33), 31/03/24 (£33), 30/04/24 (£33).

These must be adhered to in order to support the viability of a trip. If you have paid nothing or only the deposit and we have heard nothing from you by the 1st of December we will assume this is because your young person no longer wishes to attend the PGL trip. 

We are unable to adjust numbers following this date with PGL therefore it is important that we have final numbers by then. Those families who have applied for financial support, we are aware of this and we have yet to have a response from the East Lothian Education Trust. However, please be assured we will support you. If anyone else would like to apply for financial support please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs McBride.