If you would like your N5 or Higher Art/ Photography folio back from the SQA you will have been sent an ipay reminder by email or text. If you have not had this reminder please see the office staff to be added.

You will need to pay £3.91 on ipay and we will then send a list of folios wanted to the SQA. This must be done by the 15 September 2023.

If you wish to make a personal request rather than get it back via the school you can do this via the SQA website yourself- by the 29th September. https://www.sqa.org.uk/onlinepayments/candidate-form

The folios will be sent back in November and you can then take them home. The cost is the same for Art and Photography. It covers both Art folios- design and expressive.

Any questions see Miss Reynolds. (Art)