It is Shakespeare's birthday, and therefore a good excuse to put his name out there.  There are many claims made about Shakespeare's genius, and what he achieved.  One of the more curious ones is that he had a hand in writing the Bible! Well, not the contents of the Bible, but a translation of it.  When Shakespeare was in his 40s, King James (VI & I) set a group of the finest scholars and writers that he could find to write a standard English translation of the Bible.  What they came up with was the much celebrated King James Version.  Did Shakespeare work on it? We don't know, but one interesting theory is that Ben Johnson (Shakespeare's friend (and another successful playwright) did.  If you go to Psalm 46 (a famous one - "God is our refuge and strength), and count 46 words from the start, you will find the word "shake."  Go to the end, and count 46 words back, you will find the word "spear."  Shakespeare was 46 years old when the King James Bible was produced.  Did Shakespeare bury his own name in the new version of the Bible? Doubtful, but maybe Ben Johnson did.  Could he have inserted this eternal tribute to his friend..?