School Closed - Wednesday 1 December

Knox Academy will continue to be closed to pupils today. 

Pupils should be aware, that for many subjects, there are resources available on this website which can assist in self-study during this period of severe weather:

From East Lothian Council:
Due to the continuing severe weather conditions, it has been confirmed that ALL East Lothian schools will remain closed to pupils on Wednesday 1 December. Major efforts to open up safe access routes to schools will continue during the course of tomorrow (Wednesday). East Lothian Council appreciates that these closures are causing major inconvenience to parents and carers. However, every effort is being made to re-open schools in the face of severe weather conditions and transport difficulties.

Further updates for this week will be added here in due course with information also being available on Radio Forth and school websites.

School staff should continue to follow the Policy on Employee Absence due to Adverse Weather conditions.

Tuesday 30 November 3.30 pm (updated 8 am 01/12/10)

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