Work Experience


Pupils must complete two booklets to a good standard and submit a completed Supervisor’s Report Form as evidence that they have covered the 4 learning outcomes.

The booklets are:

  1. Work Experience booklet containing preparation exercises completed in class
  2. Log Book to be completed during the work placement
  3. Supervisor Report Form Document 1
  4. Supervisor Report Form Document 2

Please click here to view a Powerpoint presentation summarising work experience procedures for June 2016

For the answers to Frequently Asked Questions please click here 

To organise your own placement you will require a letter of understanding and a self found form.  The form must be given to your employer to complete and returned to your work experience teacher by Monday March 21st 2016 .


Please click here for a copy of the Parents welcome letter and a medical consent form.  Pupils will be issued with these inJanuary 2015 in their social education class.  The medical consent form should be completed and returned to school as soon as possible.