Library News

Published: Mon 7 Jan 2013

Pupils must now have their Young Scot card to borrow and reserve library materials. This is in line with East Lothian Libraries policy.

Pupils who have lost or have a damaged Young Scot card should see Mr Plain as soon as possible, where other arrangements can be made.


Published: Wed 19 Dec 2012

Escape the madness of Christmas shopping and bring your family to experience a host of fun Christmas activities at the John Gray Centre, Lodge Street, Haddington. On Saturday, we'll have Santa outside greeting visitors, decorations you can make yourselves and take home, live Christmas music, mince pies, plus quizzes, games and plenty of festive cheer! Upstairs in the Archive, they’ll have a display of historical documents too. Then on Sunday, you’ll still be able to make some Christmas decorations, take part in a quiz, and it’ll also be your last chance to take part in our 12 days of Christmas competition.

Christmas Activity Times are:

10am-3pm, Saturday 22nd December

1pm-3pm, Sunday 23rd December

The John Gray Centre will close at 5pm on 24th December and reopen at 9.30 on 3rd January.

John Gray Centre would like to wish all their visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Published: Wed 12 Dec 2012

To bring the school library in-line with East Lothian Libraries policy, from the 8th of January 2013 pupils must have their Young Scot entitlement card to borrow and reserve library materials.

By making the card part of a pupil’s everyday equipment they will be able to request resources to support studies and class projects from the online library catalogue; they will be secure in the knowledge that no other pupil can give their name and class to get books out on their record. They will have access while in school, at home and at local branch libraries to online resources to assist with research for class projects.

Pupils who currently have lost their card, or their card is damaged can collect an application form from Mr Plain in the school library for a new card.

Published: Mon 3 Dec 2012

Haddington burgh charter issued by Robert the Bruce in 1318 is currently on display at John Gray Centre.

As part of East Lothian's Saltire celebrations the Burgh of Haddington Charter issued by Robert the Bruce in 1318 has gone on display at the John Gray Centre, Haddington. The Charter came back to the East Lothian archives last week and is the oldest document in the collections. It is now on display at the John Gray Centre until Wednesday 5 December.

East Lothian's Records Manager, Alex Fitzgerald, explained:

"In recognition of the need to strengthen the country's economy burghs and royal burghs were granted exclusive trading rights and privileges to help boost trade and raise revenue from taxes. On 6 December 1318, King Robert 1 issued a charter to the burgh of Haddington re-affirming the exclusive rights of the burgesses in the wool and cloth trade, in access to supplies of local timer and in the use of common pasture.

"The charter was passed by the Parliament that met in Scone and the text was written in Latin. A full translation can be read next to the original charter which is on display in the museum reception on the 1st floor of the John Gray Centre. It is truly amazing that it has survived 700 years in such good shape and we felt it appropriate to be on display during East Lothian's Saltire celebrations."

The John Gray Centre is open 7 days.


Published: Tue 27 Nov 2012

St Andrew's Day will see Scottish Book Trust launch National Reading Hour during Scottish Book Week.

Between 11am and 12 noon you are encouraged to read for one hour. The aim is to get as many people participating in reading to illustrate the literary history of the nation. It also provides a relaxing start to the weekend or a dedicated time for reading notes and success guides for looming S5/6 Prelims.

To find out more please click here.