Course Choice

S4 Learner Pathway Booklet 2020Course Choice for Session 2020/2021

(S2 into S3, S3 into S4, S4 into S5 and S5 into S6)

Pupils will be issued with a Course Choice Letter, which outlines the timeline for their coursing and where to find relevant information.

All pupils in S2 upwards are currently being asked to think about their options to study more in depth further up the school.  From S2 upwards there is an element of choice as to what pupils are; 

  • interested in
  • good at 
  • may require a background in due to their chosen career path 

There are a number of ways in which we can support pupils in this process; subject teachers, guidance staff, career advisor (Skills Development Scotland) and of course discussion with parents!

Further to support from staff in school we also suggest the use of the following websites for information surrounding choosing the right subjects;

We also have a parent information evening and a careers event surrounding the coursing process.  The Coursing Event is on 20 February 2020 and there will be presentations from universities, college, school and other agencies. 

Here are some of the presentations from the 20 February event that pupils and parents/ carers may find useful.


The following is an electronic copy of the documentation:

S2 into S3

S3 into S4

S4 into S5 and; S5 into S6