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Command Words

  • State - listing or bullet points would be acceptable here.
  • Suggest - more than just naming or stating.  Put forward a recommendation or advise on a possible course of action.
  • Outline - Identify key features and provide a brief description where appropriate.
  • Describe - Give a description and use examples where possible as part of the description.
  • Explain - Give a definition and then an example as to how something may or may not be affected.
  • Discuss - Give advantages and disadvantages where possible.  Use examples to expand your answer, and if possible give a conclusion to your answer.
  • Compare - You must be able to compare the similarities or differences between the items, again giving a conclusion if necessary.  Key words that could be used as part of your answer are "where as", "however", "on the other hand", "both have" etc.
  • Justify - You must be able to give reasons why a certain course of action is being taken.
  • Implications - You should be able to state what the likely outcome of a particular action will be in the longer term, either to an individual or the organisation.
  • Consequences - You must be able to identify the initial impact of the action being followed.


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