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  • Ms Z Machen (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr P Bristow
  • Ms B Cahoon
  • Mr O Edwards
  • Mrs E Reynolds
  • Mr A Welsh  

S3 Curriculum Overview

The 3rd year course is designed to build skills that will be formalised during National Qualifications in the Senior Phase. Taking pupil and teacher interest into account, pupils will study a variety of texts and this will differ from class to class, however the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening & Talking will be covered by all pupils over the course of the academic year.

Sample of texts/units your young person may engage with:

  • ‘Stone Cold’, Robert Swindells – Prose
  • Selection of Short Stories – Prose
  • ‘The Pearl’ – Prose
  • ‘The Outsiders’ – Prose
  • ‘Fahrenheit 451’ – Prose
  • ‘The Others’ – Media
  • ‘Jaws’ - Media
  • ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Shakespeare – Drama
  • ‘An Inspector Calls’, J.B.Priestley – Drama
  • Heaney/Duffy/Morgan Poetry/Textual Analysis Skills
  • War Poetry – Creative Unit
  • Discursive Writing
  • Advertising Unit/Creating a Brand
  • Close Reading Unit – RUAE Types of Questions

Below is an example of what your young person may experience during the course of the year.

August – October

Drama/Media - ‘Romeo & Juliet’
Reading, Talking and Listening, Writing
Assessment - Critical Essay and Group Discussion

October – December

Discursive Writing

Reading and Writing

Assessment - Discursive Essay

Heaney Poetry

Reading, Listening and Talking

Assessment - Textual Analysis (NQ Prep)

January - April

Advertising unit (media) - Building a Brand

Talking and Listening

Assessment - Individual Presentation and Group Discussion

Selection of Short Stories

Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening

Assessment - Critical Essay on a story of choice and Creating Writing

April – May

Close Reading unit


Assessment - Close Reading assessment



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