As part of S1-S3 Broad General Education (BGE), pupils will participate in a wide range of physical activities to improve their physical competencies, physical fitness, personal qualities and cognitive skills. These areas are developed from Early Years through to S3. Activities are covered on a rotational basis through S1-S3 to give pupils valuable experiences in many activities and contribute to our pupils becoming successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 


Responsibility and Leadership (examples below)

I can work with a partner and help them learn

I can help my peers and accept help from them

I can motivate and support other people to help get the best out of them

I can understand and demonstrate a leadership role

I can evaluate my individual contribution to teamwork with an inclusive environment leading to enjoyable participation

Gross and Fine Motor Skills (examples below)

I can perform movement skills ie. creating space in hockey confidently

I can use a variety of complex skills to improve my level of performance



Focus and Concentration (examples below)

I can concentrate prior to a race so I do not go before I hear the starting signal

I can zone out all distractions and focus on the task in hand

I can consistently zone out all distractions

Balance and Control (examples below)

I can maintain my balance when changing direction, speed and levels

I can demonstrate an effective pass, dribble and shot in a controlled manner

I can smoothly transfer my weight in order to change direction, speed and level

I can consistently pass, dribble and shoot with confidence, precision and control

I can combine static and dynamic balance to perform a range of skills



Determination and Resilience (examples below)

I can recognise a variety of emotions that are associated with performing and how they can impact on my behaviour and performance

I can manage my emotions to enhance my performance

I can recognise my own, and others emotions and how they can impact both positively and negatively on my own, and others performances

I can plan a strategy to help me be successful

I can demonstrate that hard work leads to improvements in my performance

Decision Making (examples below)

I can make informed decisions when presented with a variety of options

I can take on some information in a game situation and try to play the ball to a teammate or exploit space

I can make informed decisions in a pressure situation

I can make informed decisions in a pressure situation independently and confidently