Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education


Ms J Leighton (Head of Health & Wellbeing Faculty), Mr S Elms, Mr J MacDonald, Miss L Borthwick


Core Physical Education

Physical Education provides an outlet for pupil’s talents, energy and imagination, and can successfully foster pupil’s self esteem, and self-confidence. Participation in games and activities encourages pupils to interact with peers, and express themselves creatively out-with the confines of a traditional classroom setting. The subject provides opportunities for learners to share responsibility for both their own, and other pupils learning, and develops their capacities to cope with competition and conflict, within a controlled, structured environment.

Certificated Physical Education

The development of performance is the primary focus of certificated study within Physical Education. Practical experiential learning provides the opportunity to develop high standards of performance and the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for this development. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of personal and interpersonal skills, with the courses promoting positive attitudes and values through the interactions pupils have with teachers and peers.

Certificated study within the subject aims to address three broad and inter-related themes:

  1. to develop performance through participation in selected physical activities
  2. to develop knowledge and understanding of performance through a study of the processes and related concepts involved in its analysis and development
  3. to contribute to each individual’s personal and social development



  • The Department facilities include: a large Games Hall, a dual purpose Fitness Suite and Dance Studio, and a classroom.