Home Learning

Home learning is an essential part of language considering it is a skill based subject.

In the BGE (S1 - S3) pupils should revise using their vocabulary sheets and relevant online platforms (Linguscope/Duolingo). More detailed information on the BGE is contained within the pages on the Supporting Your Studies section of the school website. 

In the senior phase  (S4 - S6) should break revision down into each of the course components to ensure that revision is targeted to each skill. An explanation of the different course components and revision recommendations can be found within the Supporting Your Studies section of the school website or on the Subject Pages of the SQA Website. Pupils should also consult their classes Google Classroom to access more support materials. 


BGE Vocab Lists - Vocab Sheets are numbered according the order in which we use them. Pupils will be given a new vocab sheet at the start of each term.