Higher Mathematics

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COURSE PLANNER - Session 2021-2022

The course planner is a week-by-week overview of Higher Maths and includes:

  • An outline of the Course;
  • Link to your Home Learning Tasks; and
  • Calendar of Curriculum Quizzes and other Assessments.



Click here for the END-OF-COURSE study guide. All pupils are issued with a printed copy and this should be brought to class.



Topic Summary - useful for prioritising your revision

Topic Summary II - as above but with a bit more detail

Higher Checklist - all learning outcomes and examples in the Course

Videos - for each Topic area


Interactive Topic Past Exam Paper Questions - useful if looking for topic-specific questions 

Knox Academy's Past Exam Paper Website - past papers and answers

SQA Exam Question Bank - another way to find topic-specific questions

Video Past Paper Solutions: Higher (2015 onwards) and Old Higher (pre 2015)

Exam Questions by Topic: pause and play videos


SCHOLAR Live Tutoring

C Level Focussed Revision

Topic Questions Booklet (worked solutions below)

1. Straight Line     |     YouTube playlist

2. Functions and Graphs     |     YouTube playlist

3. Recurrence Relations     |     YouTube playlist

4. Basic Trigonometry     |     YouTube playlist

5. Differentiation     |     YouTube playlist

6. Polynomials     |     YouTube playlist

7. Quadratics     |     YouTube playlist

8. Integration     |     YouTube playlist

9. Addition Formulae     |     YouTube playlist

10. Circle (not in 2020-2021 course)     |     YouTube playlist

11. Vectors     |     YouTube playlist

12. Wave Function     |     YouTube playlist

13. Further Calculus     |     see #5 and #8 playlists above

14. Exponentials and Logs (not in 2020-2021 course)     |     YouTube playlist