S2 Phase 9

This page contains video tutorials for our S2 Course which will be excellent for recap and revision.

Some videos have been created by our own Staff talking through the notes, models and explanations used in our own classrooms and others have been chosen because we feel they explain concepts well.

Each 'phase' of learning in our Courses contain three topics, with at least one topic on 'number' and another on 'algebra'.

Click on which area of the Course you are interested in: Other (Circles), Other (Angles) and Algebra (Straight Line).


OTHER: Circles

Video: I can calculate the circumference.


Video: I can calculate the area.


Video: I can work out the area of composite shapes.



OTHER: Angles

Video: I know what a transversal is.

Video: I can describe relationship between parallel lines & acute and obtuse angles.

Video: I can combine the rules I know so far to find missing angles.



ALGEBRA: Straight Line

Video: I can complete a table of coordinates.

Video: I can use axes intercepts to plot a straight line.

Video: I can plot vertical and horizontal lines.