We aspire to provide all our learners with access to the highest quality of learning and teaching alongside a mix of evidence based Autism specific approaches in order to maximise their success and encourage achievement in its broadest sense.

Our aim is to help all our pupils be the best they can be as:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

Meadowpark News

Published: Sat 14 Oct 2017

I am so proud to announce that all of our pupils have now been on the water in a kayak or canoe. For some this has been hugely challenging and our young people have had to tap into pockets of resilience and determination in order to overcome some initial fears, but they have managed this and can legitimately celebrate their achievement.

Our full newsletter contains information about all our activities this week.

Published: Fri 6 Oct 2017

A full moon and high winds definitely have an impact on young people – and maybe on those of us who are not so young. A surge of energy has passed through Meadowpark this week and we have encouraged pupils to take it out onto the playground as much as possible. Fortunately we have plenty of space, bikes, scooters and imagination for pupils to unleash their teenage energy.

We would dearly love to have some permanent pieces of playground equipment so if anybody can help with application forms for funding please get in touch.

The High winds have meant that a number of the beautiful trees that surround Meadowpark, and further afield have lost their leaves. Not to miss a trick our ever resourceful teachers and support staff have been gathering these to make lovely Autumn displays, walking along the banks of the Tyne and through the park. It is a wonderful time of year to talk about change and transition, which many of our young people find difficult, and being to use the natural environment to assist with this enables understanding and puts difficult concepts into a real life context.

We had a birthday to celebrate this week and Oliver received not one, but two cakes from Class 2. One was made on site by Oliver’s peers and the other was made at home by Daniel. The fact that they were both demolished within minutes shows how baking and good food can be such a great motivator.

Class 1 went to Tesco to do their shopping for soup making. I would like to thank Tesco who continue to be incredibly supportive of our young people as they venture further into independence. Meadowpark pupils and staff are always made to feel welcome when shopping and this reaffirms my vision that Haddington could become an Autism Friendly town.

Class 3 used root vegetables from their weekly visit to Amisfield Garden – a huge parsnip, potatoes and leeks were washed, peeled, chopped and put in the pot. Again, the soup was consumed within minutes.
As I write all pupils are enjoying exercising in the autumn sunshine – some are swimming in Aubigny sports Centre, others doing their daily mile or visiting the local park. When they come back Class 2 will hold an Assembly on Being a Good Friend and celebrating the achievements of others.

Daily exercise and healthy eating are essential ingredients for everyone and we will continue to educate all our young people to make healthy choices – home-made food, water, fruit juice and milk rather than sweets, fizzy drinks and highly processed food.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Charli Prime