HMIE Inspections

December 2019

HM Inspectors have prepared their letter following the inspection of our school from 9 – 12 December 2019.

Our School’s Inspection Findings (SIF) can be found on the Education Scotland website.

June 2018

A follow-up inspection was carried out in June 2018.  The results of this can be viewed in the letter from Education Scotland.

November 2016

The inspection report produced by HM Inspectors following our inspection that took place at the end of November 2016 was published on 14 March 2017.  This was issued to parents/carers with a covering letter.

"I am delighted that the strengths of the school have been recognised in terms of our high attainment levels; the variety of courses on offer; our successes in partnership working; and the emerging, innovative practice in the use of technology.

I welcome the recommendations contained in the letter and the feedback from HMIe and have already started working with staff, East Lothian Council Education Department, and the Chair of the Parent Council as to how we move forward.  We are progressing quickly with recommendations relating to practice and processes. Other changes around planning, parental engagement and reinvigorating the vision, values and aims, are going to require more time, and we would like to involve all members of the school community.

If you would like to hear more about how we plan to move forward and how you can help, there will be a meeting for any interested parent/carer on 19 April 2017 at 6.30 pm in the Hall.   I propose to hold update meetings throughout the time between now and the return of the Inspectors, and will inform you of those in due course.

I am looking at this as a real opportunity for Knox Academy to build on the undoubted strengths that we have.  This is an exciting time for everyone in Knox’s community as we now have a mandate to progress towards excellence in all areas."