S2 Drama

The S2 Drama Course at Knox Academy

Pupils in S2 currently have Drama for one period per week for half the year.

The S2 Drama Course is split into the following four units of work.

Unit of Work Outcomes within Unit


Movement and Status


Text Work


Stage Combat

Self Control


15 - 24 move sequence




Physical Theatre

Communication of meaning through movement

Lifts and Balances

Application of Laban and Frantic Assesmbly work

Responding to a Stimulus




Responding to a Stimulus




This new course will enable the pupils coming through the department to build on skills already developed in the First Year course as well learning new ones.

The characterisation unit will ask pupils to develop skills learnt in First Year and begin to use the correct drama vocabulary when discussing characterisation. The introduction of Status and script work will help the more able pupils in the class to look at drama in more depth as well as giving the other pupils a chance to develop new skills.
The Stage Combat Unit is a fun, engaging and an educational unit that asks the pupils to apply the skills of self-control, team work and trust to create an entertaining and engaging stage combat sequence; from improvisation through to resolution. This is a key unit in the Second Year course.
Unit Three is looking at Physical Theatre. In First Year pupils are introduced to the communication of meaning through our bodies in the Dance/Drama unit. Now developing the depth of the pupils knowledge in dance/drama we begin to apply the skills of Physical Theatre asking pupils to bring elements of gymnastics, martial arts, stage combat and use of theatre arts to create an engaging and thought provoking piece of theatre.
The final unit of the course is in preparation for those wishing to take the subject at Standard Grade as well as asking all pupils to apply skills learnt throughout the Junior courses. By responding to a series of stimuli pupils will create a rehearsed improvisation to performance standard; being assessed on Structure, Characterisation and Use of style and theatre arts.
For more details about this course please contact the school.