S3 Course

S3 Social Education

S3 SE Topics

Throughout these topics pupils are encouraged to share their opinions, listen to the opinions of others and learn knowledge and skills relevant to ensuring their own health and well being now and in the future.

1. The Real Game - 6 week block looking at careers/lifestyle choices.

2. SHARE programme - 6 week block: Sexual Health and Relationships Education

3. Alcohol Use - 3 week block including a police visit

4. FIT - 4 week block looking at anti bullying/tackling homophobia

5. Underage and pregnant - 4 week block BBC 3 series and worksheets

6. Drugs - 4 week block “Junk” a BBC drama depicting teenagers and the risks of drug use

7. Study Skills - 2 week block In preparation for Easter class tests

8. Mental health - 4 week block  exam stress, depression

9. Keeping Myself Safe - 3 week block looking at managing risk.