S5 Course

S5 Social Education

Self In Society Projects

From Summer until Christmas all S5 pupils in Social Education have the opportunity to participate in a group project.

The pupils are able to self select their groups and choose their own community project. They are provided with a list of suggestions for projects, but within reason they can organise any event they wish!

Previous events have included:

  • Organisation of the School Winter Dance
  • Sporting events at local Primary Schools
  • Car wash at the local Fire Station
  • Sponsored 'leg shaving' of staff
  • Various events at local day centres and old peoples care homes
  • Craft and baking sales

Over the period of their project pupils have to keep a diary of their contribution to the project as well as complete a self evaluation and set themselves some targets. At the end of the project these books are graded pass or fail and the pupils awarded an Intermediate 1 or 2  'Self In Society' unit on their SQA certificate.


This unit is part of the SQA's Personal Development award. Please see: SQA website for more details