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Meadowpark's School Improvement Plan for 2018-2019 has now been published.

Meadowpark News

Published: Fri 22 Nov 2019

From when we first opened the Meadowpark doors in August 2015 we have accessed our local community: making and following up plans for cooking and shopping in Tesco; attending Aubigny centre for swimming, badminton, gym sessions; accessing River Tyne for kayaking, nature discovery and discovering a myriad of cycle more here

Published: Fri 15 Nov 2019

Nobody likes sudden change particularly when we’ve been used to certain visuals, tastes, smells and sounds in a familiar environment. Making a move, even for all the right reasons can be very different from what we are used to. Therefore carefully planned and timed transitions are essential if we are to build on success for our young people as they move into the next phase of their lives and so for some this means beginning an early phased transition. We had a visit last week from a pupil who is currently in P7 and who will be joining us full time in August 2020. We had provided a social story with lots of visuals and during their visit they ticked off rooms and areas from their checklist. This allowed them to stay focused which helped to reduce anxiety levels and gave me an opportunity to carry out a brief formative assessment, including their delight at seeing some friends already happy here. Read more here...Newsletter 15.11.19

Published: Fri 8 Nov 2019

As I write this at my desk surrounded by boxes of tissues, the waft of camphor, eucalyptus and menthol drifting to my nostrils from the scarf on which I have impregnated vapour rub, and sooking on a cherry lozenge to ease my tickly throat I realise with a shock that Winter has arrived.

A number of staff and pupils have been afflicted by this Meadowpark Misery – some worse than others and they are in the correct place – at home. Others, like me, are sniffly and feeling a bit ‘meh’ but able to carry on keeping at a safe distance: sharing is definitely not caring. It comes with the territory I suppose working physically closely as we do to support our young people through their anxieties and a reminder that we need to anti-bac the work spaces at the first sign of a sneeze. Read more here...08.11.19

Published: Fri 1 Nov 2019

I’m not sure that everyone fully benefitted from the extra hour last Sunday – from the feedback I had it was an ‘excuse to pack more things into the day’ and ‘unfortunately the kids woke up early anyway.’ I had to stop myself from doing too much and actually set a reminder to switch off all devices, ignoring text messages and Instagram updates, run a bath, light candles and listen to some favourite music. I felt fantastic afterwards and slept extremely well that night. Note to self: grab as many daylight hours as possible and chill and still regularly. Read more here...01.11.19

Published: Fri 25 Oct 2019

The soft start to the Meadowpark day has been significantly enhanced by the success of breakfast club.

Huge thanks to the tenacious Paula Lackie and Judie Hadden for making this a possibility and for having the determination to investigate all options for making this a reality. Furthermore they have managed to secure donations from the Co-Op on Hopetoun Dr in Haddington which has given us a broader range of produce to offer to pupils. It is heart-warming to notice that pupils sit in different seats from their lunchtime routines and are inclined to chatter with peers from other classes, as well as try a wider range of food. Read more here...Meadowpark Matters 25.10.19