Welcome to Biology


  • Laura Bates
  • Gavin Boyle
  • Angela MacDonald
  • Patricia McLeod


The department has 4 laboratories. Each laboratory is equipped with a data projector, interactive whiteboard, DVD/Video player and a range of scientific equipment.

S3 Curriculum
Term 1 (August - October)

Biodiversity and Our Green World 
•    The topic of Biodiversity allows our learners to explore their world around them.  They develop an understanding of the structure of ecosystems and delve into what defines a species.  Food webs and sampling small organisms of the school is also included.  
•    The topic of Our Green World then introduces our learners to the wonders of plants both on land in water.  Plant reproduction, the requirements for growth and the need for a Nitrogen cycle is also included.  Dissection work is offered. 
Term 2 (October – December)
Biomedical Science and Zoology 
•    The topic of Biomedical Science allows our learners to grasp an understanding of cell division.  They learn about the science behind growth, repair and cancer.  Innovative stem cell technology and the use of cells to tackle issues such as infertility Is also included. 
•    The topic of Zoology covers the regulation of the human body.  Our learners explore the processes of temperature and blood sugar control and urine production.  Innate and learned behaviours is also included.  Some dissection work is offered. 

Term 3 (January – April)
Inheritance and Enzymes
•    The topic of Inheritance gives our learners the opportunity to understand the patterns of inherited characteristics and the variety that exists within biological populations.  
•    The topic of Enzymes is very practical and our learners get the opportunity to put their practical skills to the test.  Enzymes and their role in the body is covered. 
Term 4 (April – June)
•    The topic of respiration allows our learners to explore the process of extracting energy from our food.   Our learners work with living organisms to understand this process better.