S1/S2 Science

Aims of the Course

The general aims of the Integrated Science Course in years 1 and 2 are to give pupils an introduction to a wide range of scientific experiences; an insight into the relationships between science and everyday life; some knowledge of basic scientific facts; an ability to identify and handle various pieces of science apparatus; to conduct scientific investigations, making and testing ideas, collecting results and drawing simple conclusions; and above all to enjoy their science.

These aims are achieved by studying various topics. Each topic will consist as far as possible, of: experiments, reporting, investigations, handling apparatus and varied exercises.

The Course

1st Year:

2nd Year:

(approx. 6 weeks per topic)


This will be done throughout the course by tests at the end of each topic. The end of topic tests will assess the Knowledge and Understanding gained throughout each topic.


There will be up to four homeworks given for each topic in first and second year. Each homework will take most pupils between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.