Parent/Carer Evening Workshop recordings

Welcome to our page to support Parent/Carers!

In addition to the "Other Resources" below see the pre-recorded Workshop materials from May 2022. Alongside each Workshop (spaced at weekly intervals) we provided some practice materials (and the answers!) that you and your young person could try each weeknight. 

Monday 2 May: Working with negative numbers - Recording | Exercises | Answers

Monday 9 May: Solving equations - Recording | Exercises | Answers

Monday 16 May: Multiplying/ dividing by multiples of 10 - Recording | Exercises | Answers | Crossnumber puzzle for some fun! | Crossnumber answers

Monday 23 May: Methods for multiplication and division - Recording | Exercises | Answers

Monday 30 May: Simplifying algebraic expressions and substitution into a formula - Recording | Exercises | Answers



Video - how does the Maths Department organise it's Course and why? Coming soon! (February 2024)