18 November 2016

Last Sunday I was beyond proud at how many Knox Academy pupils were involved in the Haddington Armistice Day parade. I spotted pupils in the Pipe Band, the uniformed organisations, and the general congregation, as well as walking alongside our pupil senior leadership team. Everyone comported themselves with the gravitas that was called for. I would also like to thank the senior pupils, some of whom were called upon at very short notice, for coming to help with serving the refreshments afterwards – you were very much appreciated. Thank you.

This week we welcomed Mr Meekison (Guidance) and Dr Rice (Science and Chemistry) to their new posts at Knox Academy. Mr Meekison will be Guidance teacher for Lammerlaw House. I wish them both well as they work out who’s who, and what’s what.

I received a lovely email from Haddington Rotary Club on Tuesday stating that “last Saturday the 12th November the Rotary Club and Blooming Haddington were planting crocus corms next to Lady Kitty's garden. I thought you would appreciate knowing that 4 of your first year young men were passing and offered to help. Their names are Rory Morrison, Jamie Elliot, Aidan Ballantyne and Jack McKinnel. We very much appreciated their hard work and enthusiasm and please pass on our thanks to them.” That’s a lovely example of Knox Academy youngsters taking the idea of “engagement” right into the community and I am delighted that they made such a great impression.

Yesterday I had the task of perusing the Trench Models that some of our S3 historians have been working on. The hard work that had gone into them was truly amazing – they must have taken hours to complete. A number of people have been asked to judge their top three and I have duly made my selection - it will be interesting to see how the results shake down. Congratulations to all pupils who put in a model.

Today is Children In Need Day, so apologies if you have been accosted by strangely-dressed S6 pupils and been asked for money. The school traditionally does well by Children in Need and I look forward to hearing how much money we have raised.

We also have an event on today to try and encourage as many S1 to S3 girls in to physical activity as possible. Thanks to the hard work of our Sports’ Ambassadors (Rhys Dickson and Anya Wylie), various sports groups in the school (CSLA class, Sky Sports Ambassadors, sports Council),and outside clubs, we are coming together to provide taster sessions in table tennis, golf, trampolining, football, rugby and dance.

This week, the assemblies have been about preparing the pupils for the Christmas Dance on the 15 December (less than a month away, now). I went through the information that you can find on the website under “School Dances. The what, how, and why”. The main message is that all pupils who want to attend this event must have a points total of -15 or better by the 9 December. Pupils are entirely responsible for this and it is up to them to monitor their points total. Hopefully, if everyone keeps their eye on the ball, we’ll have everyone at the dance who needs to be there and we’ll have a great time.

Have a great week.

S Ingham