25 November 2016

This week has gone by in the usual haze of hard work, music practice, panto rehearsals, and inspection preparation. I cannot believe that we are dashing headlong into December.

Last Friday, the Active Girls’ Day was a major success, with just about everyone getting involved and giving things a try. The feedback that the organisers got was insightful and should hopefully lead to more activities being offered for girls. Thanks again to Rhys Dickson and Anya Wyllie (Sports’ Ambassadors) for leading the team who organised the day.

Wednesday’s trip to Preston Lodge to encourage “Girls into Physics” was a great success. Ms Dornan reported that, “The girls were a credit to themselves and the school. Each participant wrote a brief paragraph of their experiences today that I will share with you.” One of the pupils writes, “I really enjoyed the Girls into Physics event today, it was very inspirational. I learnt lots of interesting information about physics and engineering and about careers in them. The staff at the workshops were very nice and chatty. My favourite activity was when we made vanilla, raspberry and chocolate ice cream out of liquid nitrogen, I found this very enjoyable and fun, especially when we got to eat it!”

Ms McPhee received a lovely email from the organisers of the “Lessons from Auschwitz”: “ Dear Coordinating Teachers, Now that the first three parts of the Edinburgh Lessons from Auschwitz Project are over, and your students are well on their way with their Next Steps plans, I just wanted to pop you all a quick, and unusual email. We always get to work with great students on LFA, however, all the educators and myself agreed after this year's Edinburgh trip, that this was possibly one of the most engaged, polite, and committed group of students that we have had the opportunity to work with. I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your support, and let you know how fantastically your students represented their individual schools, and Scottish students as a whole. I look forward to seeing what your students' decide to do for their Next Steps.” Again, well done to Amy Mackinnon and Ruby Smith.

I managed to pop down to the post-match hospitality put on by Haddington Rugby and our parents, last Saturday. It was great to see so many people there and to hear that our teams had done so well in their matches. I was also delighted to hear that both our girls’ netball teams did well against Ross High School this week. As usual my thanks go out to all the parents, volunteers and the Active School Team for ensuring that our extra-curricular sport gets the support it needs. We couldn’t do it without you.

Next week there are a number of things going on: a number of the Higher French class are off to Aubigny at the end of the week to practise their French and pupils from the Higher RMPS class are off to Samye Ling Buddhist Temple for the opportunity to experience life in a Buddhist community at first hand. Also the inspectors arrive at lunchtime on Monday – so there is much to be done before then.

Have a great week.

S Ingham