The S2 Battle of the Bands took place on 3 April 2019. This was a new initiative from our music staff (Mrs Loughrey and Mrs Martin) .  Each class picked a song they all agreed on and individuals chose an instrument they were comfortable with and wanted to play. Everybody had been practising for a number of weeks prior to the big battle. A wide range of songs were performed, from country to 80's pop. There were various instruments chosen including: Keyboard, Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Violin, Vocals, Xylophone and Drums.

  • Dancing Queen - 2G1 
  • Sweet Home Alabama - 2G2 
  • Mamma Mia - 2L1 
  • Take On Me - 2L2 
  • Pompeii - 2L3 
  • September Song - 2T1
  • Five Hundred Miles - 2T2
  • Valerie - 2T3

All the classes put in a lot of effort and were ambitious to achieve the title of the winner of the S2 Battle of the Bands but only one could be crowned winner, and that was 2T3 with the song Valerie. 

Of course everybody was nervous about performing in front of the school community but nobody let their nerves get to them and showed ambition in their fantastic performances. Over all the performers had a sense of achievement and had fun whilst doing it.


"After we had finished performing the nerves died down and I thought to myself...Hey! That was pretty good" - Ailsa Thompson 

Written by 
Mhairi (Elli) Robertson-Rowan and Ailsa Thompson