Accessing the booking form via your Glow account.

You have to be logged into your Glow account before it will let you submit the booking form for Easter Study Support Form. 

Please note that we recommend using the Chrome browser for your glow account (this optimises the experience).

To be sure of accessing your Glow account, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Close your existing browser session completely
  2. Open a fresh browser session
  3. Go to the Glow homepage https://glow.rmunify.com/
  4. Enter your Glow credentials to login (please contact your school if unsure of your Glow username or require a password reset)
  5. Once you are logged in, open a new browser tab and navigate to the e-Sgoil Study Support page http://www.e-sgoil.com/easterstudysupportsessions2021/
  6. Access the booking form link from this page
  7. This will work in all instances except potentially when you have already used the same browser to access another O365 account. In this case, a separate browser, InPrivate(incognito) session, or clearing cookies will be a required first step before the above

Donald A Macleod