Higher Physics


The links on the left are still related to the old Higher Course.  Until these links are updated new contect for the new Higher Course will appear on this page.


Researching Physics Pupil Booklet "Exoplanets – Detection and Properties" - Pdf document


External Site with Our Dynamic Universe Notes can be found here.


Our Dynamic Universe Worksheets in pdf:

Section 1   Equations of Motion

Section 2   Forces, Energy and Power

Section 3   Gravitaion and Relativity

Section 4   Expanding Universe and Big Bang

Problems  Our Dynamic Universe Question Booklet with Solutions


Electricity Homework

Resistors In Circuits HW 1

Resistors In Circuits HW 2

Resistors In Circuits HW 3

​AC and Capacitance HW 1

​AC and Capacitance HW 2

AC and Capacitance HW 3