S3 CfE Chemistry

Over the course of S3, pupils who opted to study Chemistry will complete a series of four units of work. Each unit is based upon the Experiences and Outcomes of levels 3 and 4 of Curriculum for Excellence. The concepts covered over S3 provide the basis for study of Chemistry at National 4 and 5 levels in S4.

Pupils are expected to play an active role in there own learning. The department expects each pupil to come prepared for each lesson, bringing their notebook and any other materials with them.

For each unit of work, pupils will use a series of powerpoints presented in class, summary notes and homework exercises to create a set of revision notes. Copies of the course materials, homework booklets and summaries are listed below. Should a pupil have a recorded additional support need that may hamper their access to the materials, a write-on booklet is provided. If any other pupil may wish to use such a resource, copies may be downloaded and printed from below.

All pupils have been issued with a databooklet. If a pupil should lose their copy of the databooklet they must download and print one from the following link here.

As well as traditional written tests, pupils will be assessed via teacher observation of pupils' abilities on day to day basis in the laboratory. To prepare pupils for presentation in National qualifications at the end of S4, pupils may be given the oppotunity to participate in research and practical investigation tasks. Details of these assignments are shown below the mateirals for Unit 4: Metals.


Introducing Chemistry

Unit 1: Chemical Changes & Structure

Unit 2: Nature's Chemistry

Unit 3: Chemistry in Society


Assessed Elements: