General News

Published: 27 October 2009

A green-fingered group of S5 pupils from Knox Academy assisted with the bulb planting in St. Mary's Pleasance on Tuesday last. The whole project was a great success and the pupils really got stuck into the planting, everyone was very impressed with their teamwork.

In one short day, they planted 500 narcissus, 1000 crocus and 400 fritillaria. These bulbs should make a tremendous display in the community orchard next spring (together with snowdrops to be planted later).

The pupils involved are taking part in the Mobex Activity Award Programme (MAAP) and will undertake a number of community conservation tasks throughout the course of the programme.


Published: 13 October 2009

S1 Traprain pupils have the opportunity to carry out a voluntary follow up investigation after their morning spent studying the history of Africa with Mrs. Craig. 

Details are attached and have also been circulated to S1 Traprain tutors.


Published: 13 October 2009

Every week a large quantity of ‘lost’ property is handed into the School Office. To ensure that your child is able to identify any items they have misplaced please ensure that you label clothing/belongings with their name where possible/practical.

Lost property is recorded and dated on receipt. Items are kept for one calendar month following which they are disposed of or donated to charity as appropriate.

Pupils who have misplaced an item of clothing or a possession should visit the School Office who will reunite them with their property should it have been handed in.

Parents/carers are welcome to visit the School Office on Fridays between 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm to view the lost property being held, and to identify items belonging to their child.


Published: 09 October 2009

All S5/S6 pupils applying through UCAS this year should ensure that their UCAS application form including the Personal Statement is sent to their Guidance Teacher on or before Friday 16 October.

Payment should be made prior to the form being sent.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Garwood (Guidance) if you have any questions in relation to the UCAS application process.

Pupils can access support and advice from their Guidance Teacher in school.


Published: 07 October 2009

I was angry with my friend
I told my wrath, my wrath did end
I was angry with my foe
I told it not, my wrath did grow

from ‘A Poison Tree’ by William Blake

M McGeechan


Published: 06 October 2009

Be nice to your Turkey’s dis Christmas
Cos Turkey’s just wanna have fun
Turkey’s are cool, Turkey’s are wicked
An’ every Turkey has a mum

from ‘Talking Turkey’ by Benjamin Zephaniah


Published: 05 October 2009

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can’t bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring you down
Don’t you bring me down today

from ‘Beautiful’ by Christine Aguilera


Published: 05 October 2009

Information for parents/carers of S5/6 pupils regarding the Scholar programme has been added to our website.  It can be found in the 'Curriculum' section or by clicking


Published: 01 October 2009

Are you looking for a place to read?

From Wednesday 7 October, Room T3.3 (Mr Swinney’s room) will be open to anyone looking for a quiet place to read (break and lunch times).

Books will be provided. Mr Swinney has tidied … a bit!!


Published: 01 October 2009

The October Books of the Month are:

  • Bad Faith by Gillian Philip
  • Mariah Mundi and the Ghost Diamonds by GP Taylor
  • The Other Hand by Chris Cleave
  • Killing God by Kevin Brooks

For further information or to borrow a copy of the books please see Mr Plain in the library.