General News

Published: 14 September 2009

S1 Traprain pupils have the opportunity to carry out a voluntary follow up investigation after their morning spent studying the history of Africa with Mrs. Craig. 

Details are attached and have also been circulated to S1 Traprain tutors.


Published: 14 September 2009

The library will be running the Scholastic Book Fair during w/c 28th September. 

For every purchase made at the bookfair, the school receives commission which can be spent on adding to the fiction stock of the library. 

This year there will be an Open Evening to which all parents are warmly invited.  The library will be open from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm to allow parents to browse and buy books, and there will also be the opportunity to donate a book to the library stock. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Plain (Librarian) with any queries. 

We look forward to seeing you there!


Published: 10 September 2009

Most S4 pupils have now made a booking through the database or have handed in forms to allow them to organise their own placement for 23rd - 27th November.  The final date for handing in completed forms to the school is Friday 18th September.  Employers have a lot of detail to complete on these forms so it is essential they are given at least a week to complete them.  Time is running out so please chase up these forms and make sure they reach us in time.

Parents/carers will shortly be receiving details of their youngster's confirmed placement and a consent form to sign and return. 

Please contact Miss Easson via the school with any concerns.


Published: 10 September 2009

S2/3 pupils were issued with a booklet detailing residential trips which are being offered during Activities Week 2010 during assemblies on Wednesday 9th September. 

Return slips are due back to the school office by Wednesday 16th September if a pupil wishes to apply for a place on a trip. 

Parents/carers are asked to pay particular attention to the information included in the booklet regarding non-refundable deposits, cancellation etc. 

Note: pupil participation in residential trips is linked to behaviour, attendance, punctuality, dress code compliance etc.  If a pupil falls below 75 points this will affect their ability to participate in the trip. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Miss Duff (Acting PT Expressive Arts) with any queries.


Published: 04 September 2009

A major problem and concern recently has been the traffic in and out of the school campus, this has caused obstruction and 'traffic jams'. Please note: parents/carers must not bring their vehicles into the school area either to drop off or collect pupils, unless a prior arrangement has been made with the school.


Published: 03 September 2009

Please note that during inclement weather pupils are encouraged to remain indoors during interval and lunchtime. 

Additional rooms are opened to accommodate pupils during these times. 

The management team liase with the ELC transport division, the police and bus companies to ensure all pupils make it home safely, where appropriate pupils are released early to facilitate this. 

Please contact the school office with any queries or concerns.


Published: 27 August 2009

Dear Parent/Carer

In November of this year, your child will be given the opportunity to take part in a work experience placement which is an integral part of the work experience programme. This programme is completed through the Social Education department in the school and will involve your child learning all about the processes involved in applying for a job, going to work and working in a different environment.

This work experience opportunity is offered in conjunction with East Lothian Council and Work Experience Services Continuing Education Gateway.  All placements are thoroughly checked for Health and Safety and their suitability for young people.  Many of the placement providers have offered their services over a number of years and pupils have benefited from their experience.

There is a wide selection of jobs and places of work to choose from throughout Edinburgh and East Lothian.  When deciding upon a placement, pupils are invited to look through a catalogue of available placements and choose one which they think will be most suited to their existing skills and qualities.

Once the placement details have been confirmed, I would ask that all parents/carers discuss their son/daughter’s placement with him/her and begin to look into travel arrangements.  If there are any problems please contact us as soon as possible.

We recognise that not every pupil will be guaranteed a job that is most suited to him/her or of interest regarding career intention and we therefore give pupils the opportunity to organise their own work placement.  In recent years however the laws regarding Health and Safety in the work place have become much more stringent and there is a great deal of paper work to be completed before we can allow any pupil to undertake a self found work experience placement at their chosen venue.  In the event of pupils choosing to organise their own placements, it is their responsibility to ensure that the necessary paperwork is completed by both parent and employer and returned to the school by the date stated below. Unfortunately, if the paper work is not completed in time, we cannot guarantee that the placement will be possible. Pupils can collect the relevant forms from their Social Education teachers or from myself.  Please note, self found placements must take place in the same week as all other placements.

So that we can efficiently deal with the paper work, I would ask that you take a note of the dates below, to ensure that your son/daughter has made all the necessary returns in good time.

Week beginning 31 August: The database will be available for pupils to select a job. First booking round.

18 September: Final date for acceptance of self found placements

12 October: Parental Consent forms must be returned

23 November – 27 November: Work Experience Week for all S4 Pupils

7 December: Pupils must return their ‘log books’

I am sure you will agree that this is an exciting opportunity for all pupils in S4.  I thank you in advance for all your help and support.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions relating to the above.

Yours faithfully

Miss Easson
Principal Teacher of Guidance


Published: 27 August 2009

Knox Academy has been given the opportunity to attend the ‘2Moro’s Driver’ event on Wednesday 2 September 2009.  The event is organised by Lothian and Borders Police Road Safety Unit and is open to pupils in S6.

It is a multi-agency event, which is based on a play funded by Road Safety Scotland and performed by the Baldy Bane Theatre Company.  It deals with the fun, risks and the responsibilities involved when becoming a new driver and getting a first car.

The event will be held at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh and will last from 9.40 am – 12.30 pm (approximately).  A bus will transport pupils to and from the event with staff supervision. There is no cost to yourself as The Community Safety Forum has agreed to fund the transport to this event.

If you would like your son/daughter to attend, please complete and sign the enclosed parental consent form and return it to school by Thursday 27 August 2009.  Any pupil who does not return this form will not be allowed to attend the event. The form should be given to Miss Garwood.

We are sure you will agree that this is an extremely worthwhile event, especially at this time of year when our current S6 will soon become tomorrow’s young drivers.


Published: 27 August 2009

Edinburgh and Lothians Higher Education Convention 2009

3rd September

Edinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh, EH14 1DJ

With nearly 60 exhibitors from universities and colleges around the whole of the UK this year’s Higher Education Convention is geared up to be another successful event.

Knox Academy has an allocated time slot from 10 am – 11.30 am on Thursday 3rd September.  If there is enough interest from the S5 and S6 pupils we will supply a bus to and from the event at a cost of £2.00.

To register your interest and intention to attend this event, please return the attached green form along with £2.00 to Miss Easson by Tuesday 25th at the latest.

In the event of there not being enough interest to warrant putting on a bus, please note that there is an open session available to pupils and parents on Thursday 3rd September from 4.30 pm – 6 pm.


Published: 26 August 2009

2nd September at 7.30 pm

Parents and guardians of Knox Academy pupils submitting UCAS forms to universities and colleges are warmly welcomed to an evening of presentations to assist in the process of applying for courses this year.

The format of the evening is as follows:


Heather MacLeod
Knox Academy
The school process
Eleanor Garwood
Knox Academy
Researching your options
Alan McLachlan...