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10 December 2012

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following a consultation on the Dress Code I have decided to make the following amendments to the extant rules.  The changes have been made following the suggestions of parents, staff and pupils.  37% of pupils responded, 30% of staff and roughly 1.5% of parents responded.

This Dress Code will come into force on the 8th January 2013.  I hope that you will be as supportive of this as possible.  As ever, if there is going to be a situation where your youngster cannot wear Dress Code for whatever reason, please write to me at the school so that we can come to some arrangement that does not result in your child being penalised.


  • Skirts and trousers must be made of dense black material and that if trousers are made of denim that they are not obviously jeans.  Please ensure that these are black in colour, not faded black, navy or grey.
  • Skirts must reach at least 2cm below the pupil’s middle finger when their arms are at their sides.
  • Any form of footwear, including trainers, is acceptable as long as they are black with no other colours (not even piping or eyelets or fur) the only exception to this will be wellington boots on days when it is raining or snowing.
  • Girls must wear shirts/blouses that have button at the neck.
  • Ties are to be worn at the neck.
  • Knitwear (sweaters, cardigans, waistcoats and tank tops) or sweatshirts must be black and may not have logo that could not be covered by the palm of the pupil’s hand.  Black hoodies are acceptable but must be such that a pupil’s tie can be seen at the neck and any logos must be able to be covered by the pupil’s hand.  Knitwear can also be navy but sweatshirts/hoodies must be black.  The school will sell knitwear, hoodies and fleeces that have the school badge on them.
  • Pupils not wearing black knitwear/sweatshirts must accept that they will be asked to remove these during class time.
  • Strappy tops worn over shirts by girls are not acceptable.
  • All accessories must be black (belts, scarves etc).
  • Stud earrings only, necklaces to go inside shirts and no bangles. 
  • If a member of staff requests that a pupil removes any accessory or item of outerwear because of health and safety concerns the pupil must comply.
  • A stock of suitable sweaters will be kept at school for pupils to borrow if they come to school inappropriately dressed.
  • If possible pupils who come to school inappropriately dressed will be asked to go home and change.

Yours faithfully,
Sarah Ingham


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