Over the last year, the Eco-Committee has collected donations of uniform items so that these can be given a new life again! They deserve to be worn rather than to end up in a landfill where they would contribute to the release of greenhouse gases and then by consequence, global warming! We have a wide selection of items including:

  • 4 ties
  • white button up shirts (sizes age 11-16)
  • black jumpers (various sizes)
  • 8 black skirts (mostly small sizes)
  • 5 trousers
  • 7 blazers
  • 1 pair of men's shoes (size 9)

The uniform items are FREE to take, there is no cost! If parents/carers would like some items for their young people, they can get in touch with the school office or the Pupil Support Team. Alternatively, if students would like to come take an item themselves, they can come see Miss Laudi to arrange a time to see the clothes.