This year 16 tutors groups entered the annual interhouse Christmas Box Competition. 

The theme for 2008 was 'Pantomime' and each tutor group had to create a box decorated accordingly. 

Once decorated, boxes are filled with lots of tasty goodies and distributed to the elderly throughout the local community. 

We're never sure which the recipients prefer ... the contents or the decoration!!


The 2008 prizes were awarded to...

House Prizes
Garleton - 2G1
Lammerlaw - 1L2
Traprain - 4T3

1st Prize - 1G2
2nd Prize - 1T2
3rd Prize - 1T1

Highly Commended - 2L2

Two special mentions...

Well done to S1 - every tutor group entered a box (50% of the entries!) which you'll see reflected in the prizes.  You made a real effort and the boxes were fantastic!

Congratulations to the Admin Team - this year the office ladies entered a box on the theme of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ... complete with musical accompaniment.  They didn't win any prizes but get a special mention for enthusiasm and team spirit!