DofE Scotland (and all at Knox Academy) want to take the opportunity to celebrate the success of young people from Knox Academy in the volunteering, physical and skills sections of their DofE Award. We have been sent our Social Value Certificate (below) outlining the number of hours which our young people have put into these sections in 2019-2020 as well as the impact of their volunteering expressed as a monetary value.

A Tremendous Achievement!  Well done to all!

DofE Scotland are hugely proud of the impact of the DofE on young people across Scotland, and indeed the UK.  You can find case studies and further information on the Duke of Edinburgh website.  This also outlines the adaptations we have made to allow young people to continue with their DofE including the exciting Certificate of Achievement.  The Certificate of Achievement is available to all participants who have completed their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections at all Award levels but haven’t been able to do their expedition and/or residential at Gold because of the pandemic. Any participant who enrols between 1 June 2018 and 31 July 2021 will be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement.