A new strategy that commits schools to supporting and engaging parents in their children’s education was launched by East Lothian Council this week.  Pupils have received a paper copy of this policy in an A5 booklet during registration this week.

The Parental Engagement Strategy 2017-2020 aims to ensure that that all parents and carers are encouraged and supported to engage as partners in their children’s learning, and to become involved in the life of the school. The strategy also ensures that it can continue to build on good practice and create further opportunities for our parents and schools to work together. Its publication follows consultation with and collaboration between parents, teachers and key education officers and approval at the June meeting of the council’s Education committee. The strategy will be reviewed every four years in line with parental engagement legislation.

The core aims of the strategy are to ensure that parents and carers:

  • Are made to feel welcome and included
  • Are engaged with their children’s learning
  • Are communicated with in a variety of ways
  • Are able to contribute to Family Learning opportunities
  • Are able to access support
  • Are encouraged to participate in Parent Council meetings and Forums

Fiona Robertson, Head of Education at East Lothian Council, said:

“I would like to thank all the parents, Head Teachers and council officers who have worked together to create this strategy. We believe that fostering positive partnerships between parents and schools is absolutely key to securing the best outcomes for our children and young people, and this policy demonstrates the council’s commitment to helping all parents and carers to be engaged at a level that is right for them.”

Shamin Akhtar, Cabinet Spokesperson for Education and Children’s Services, said:

“The Parental Engagement Strategy isn’t just about making sure that parents feel welcomed and included in the life of the school, it’s also about making sure that schools make the involvement of parents a priority. Research proves that meaningful parental engagement leads to greater success for our children and young people and is incredibly important in improving better attendance, behaviour and learning. By working together we can make a real difference.”

View the full policy - East Lothian: Parental Engagement Strategy 2017

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