Our final Eco Tip before the holiday break is a great one: bring your own reusable cup when you want to buy take away hot drinks! If you think ahead and put your reusable cup in your bag before leaving home, you'll save unnecessary waste from going to landfill. A few stats...

  1. Paper cups ARE NOT recyclable due to a wax lining that prevents the liquid from seeping through.
  2. In just 2 minutes, 10 000 paper cups are thrown away in the United Kingdom.
  3. 2.5 billion paper cups are thrown away in the United Kingdom each year.
  4. More than 7 million paper cups are used in the UK each day.

This is a HUGE amount of waste that we can all make an effort to avoid! The next time you go to a local coffee shop for your tea, hot chocolate or coffee, please please please say NO to that disposable cup! You might even want to make it your New Year Resolution to get a Keep Cup and to refuse paper cups!