One of the easiest things you can try doing this year is saying NO to straws! If you don't need a straw, don't take one! All too often, we take a straw, use it for a few minutes, and throw it in a bin. What a waste! It may only look like a small piece of plastic, but they still impact landfill waste and water pollution. A few stats...

  1. It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose and they can't be recycled in most places.

  2. Plastic straws are the 11th most found ocean trash.

  3. Americans use about 500 million straws daily. That's enough straws to circle the Earth 2.5 times!

  4. Each year, 1 million sea birds and 100 000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic.

Those stats are pretty shocking so do your part and refuse straws!