The Eco-Committee is extremely excited to announce that we're bringing an ECO-SHOP to Knox Academy for Eco-Week! Lil is an online/mobile shop that specializes in products aimed at helping people reduce their impact on the environment... in other words, Low Impact Living. Lil champions a lifestyle that is kind to the environment through natural, ethical, and low waste products.

Lil will be selling their eco-friendly products at Knox on Tuesday 12 March in the social area at lunch time. They will also be with us during S2 Parents Night on Tuesday evening from 5pm to 7pm. Lil will be selling a variety of items including shampoo bars, soap bars, reusable straws, lunch boxes, deodorants, lip balms, and more! You can look at Lil's products on their website here, just bear in mind that they won't be bringing in their pantry items (e.g. loose food) or liquid refills. Lil conveniently accepts cash, card, and applepay. So moral of the story: come explore what sustainable products Lil is bringing in and perhaps buy some to try out!