The East Lothian Council Education Service Local Improvement Plan for 2018/19 outlines how we aspire to be an Education Service that provides the best opportunities and outcomes for our children and young people across the County, as a result making us the best Education Service in Scotland. The Plan provides clear direction on how we will do this. We aim to achieve these goals through the actions outlined for the Education Service, our schools and our partner organisations.

As we see more and more expectations placed upon our schools than ever before to address the poverty related attainment gap, we have to ensure that our partner organisations across the county support the Education Service and our schools to achieve this goal.

The most important role of this document will be to provide our schools and early learning and childcare centres with a framework to support their work. Therefore, we all have a shared understanding of the actions that we have to take to ensure that we meet the outcomes for our children and young people and the way that we will measure success. As outlined in the Standards and Quality Report 2017-18 through the self-evaluation activities we know we have many strengths in our schools across the County that we can share and we also know where improvement is required.

The Education Service Local Improvement Plan will help us to deliver on the collective commitment that we have made to “believe, achieve, strive for excellence and care for all” through the actions that we take in our schools and services.