It was lovely to see everyone return from the holiday weekend looking refreshed.  Pupils are engaging well in their learning and those I have spoken with report making good progress across their subjects.  I would like to congratulate our new S1 cohort who have settled well at the school and seem to be enjoying the vast array of subjects they attend. 

Staff News

We look forward to welcoming Mr Richard Watson in Technologies on Monday. 

We are in the process of interviewing for vacancies in English, Maths, Physics and Geography (0.6FTE).

We say a fond farewell to Lauren Jeffrey (Geography) and Bev Skirrow (Business Manager) next week.

Good luck to Dr Lyons who is running two marathons this weekend (yes, two)! 

School Uniform

Knox Academy has a proud tradition of wearing its school uniform with pride and a reputation for our pupils looking smart.  Please could I ask parents to continue to support this as we head towards the autumn/winter months to ensure that alternatives to our uniform do not creep in (ripped jeans etc.).  For security reasons woolly hats and hoodies (the actual hood) should be removed before entering the building. I would like to thank parents for their support with this.

S6 Dalguise Trip

The S6 head off today for their weekend trip to Dalguise.  This involves them taking part in numerous team building activities and, I am sure, getting very wet.  This provides the S6 with an opportunity to build team skills as well as have plenty fun they will remember for the rest of their lives.  A huge thank you to all the staff accompanying them.

Eco Committee and Green Team

The Eco-Committee & Green Team have launched an eco-logo competition this week and are keen to receive as many entries as possible.  The overall winner will also get a prize as well as their winning logo being used.  More details are available from Ms Laudi.

Home Support Group

Parents/Carers of dyslexic students are invited to attend the first home support group meeting for dyslexic students on Tuesday 25th September at 6pm in the Library.  Dr Lyons will be leading these sessions.

S1/2 Pupils – An Opportunity to Shine

The Expressive Arts and Technologies Faculty is offering an amazing opportunity for S1/2 pupils to be involved in an after school club to develop their acting skills alongside the National Theatre.  Pupils will perform a play especially written for them culminating in performing this at the school and the Traverse Theatre.  If they are nominated after their performance at the Traverse, the next step is performing in London.  This is an opportunity not to be missed and I would be grateful if parents/carers could speak to their children and encourage them to step forward for this.  As well as developing their acting skills it will build many other skills such as confidence, team work and problem solving – as well as having lots of fun too. Notes of interest should be made to Mrs Pereira.

Lead a Bright Future

A group of S3/4 pupils has been working with Lead a Bright Future on establishing an Enterprise Hub at Knox Academy.  They applied for, and won, funding of £1,000 to support pupils who wish to set up their own Business Enterprise.

They are now going to present their ideas at assemblies for distributing the £1,000 and establishing a Hub for all pupils to access. Well done to all the pupils involved in this and for taking it forward at the school.  Another great example of pupils’ leadership in action.

School Values

The school values of Ambition, Respect and Community permeate everything we aim to do at Knox Academy.  We are going to look, in depth, at one value a term.  This term’s focus is Respect.  Our Head Pupils, Sam Thomson and Hana Elder, along with the Prefect Team, will be leading a series of assemblies, for all year groups, during the month of October, highlighting what respect means to them as pupils and how we can foster this in and beyond our school community.  It is great to see our young people leading learning too. 

Our Hot Chocolate Fridays this term are also focusing on rewarding pupils who have shown respect for self, others or the environment.

Have a lovely weekend

Sue Cook